Vrijwilligerswerk in Laos

Doe mee met onze vrijwilligerswerk programma’s in Laos in 2023, waar we de 4 beste vrijwilligersprojecten in Luang Prabang hebben.

Je kunt je eigen project kiezen, verschillende projecten combineren en je eigen unieke Laos vrijwilligersprogramma op maat samenstellen!

Je kunt elke maandag beginnen en je kunt vanaf 2 weken tot 8 weken meedoen.

Op de maandag van je eerste week is er een oriëntatie door ons lokale team, zodat je vertrouwd kunt raken met de omgeving en de lokale cultuur in Laos.

Locatie: Luang Prabang, Laos
Startdata: Start elke maandag
Duur: 2 weken – 8 weken

Unique Cultural Experiences

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Receive Top Quality Support

Meet International Volunteers

Aankomst in Luang Prabang

De projecten zijn gevestigd in Luang Prabang, Laos met prachtige vrijwilligersmogelijkheden in Luang Prabang.

Uw ophaalservice is inbegrepen en u wordt op zondag bij aankomst opgehaald. Je wordt opgehaald door het lokale team en naar je accommodatie gebracht om de andere internationale vrijwilligers te ontmoeten.

We zullen u de volledige aankomst- en contactgegevens verstrekken wanneer u uw programma boekt.

Oriëntatie bij aankomst

Op de maandag van je eerste week is er een oriëntatie door je coördinator, zodat je je vertrouwd kunt maken met de omgeving en de lokale cultuur.

Accommodatie en maaltijden

Uw accommodatie is inbegrepen in het programma vanaf uw aankomst op zondag tot en met zaterdagochtend van uw laatste week.

De accommodatie is in gedeelde kamers met andere vrijwilligers. Gedurende de hele reis wordt u ondergebracht in slaapzalen voor één geslacht.

Uw maaltijden zijn inbegrepen tijdens uw programma. Van maandag tot en met vrijdag zijn er 3 maaltijden per dag inbegrepen en in het weekend 2 maaltijden per dag. Vegetarische maaltijden kunnen worden geregeld.

De projecten in Luang Prabang

Culture Week

Now that you are in the land of a million elephants’ kingdoms, get a taste of the real Laos through culture lessons, city outings, exploring waterfalls, and more!

Bond with other participants from all over the world, immerse yourself in the culture and beauty of Laos, and enjoy its scrumptious food, friendly people, unique traditions, and more!

Get a unique experience in Laos, the often overlooked treasure of Southeast Asia, through visits to off-the-beaten-path places, and temples, and mixing with the locals by engaging in different activities.

The Culture Week will kick off with an introduction to Laos customs, do’s and dont’s, and Laotian language classes.

Further, during the week, you can try your hand at local agriculture practices, handcraft lessons with local help, cooking classes, taking a dip in a beautiful waterfall, experience the real buzz at local markets, and much more!

And of course, we cannot miss the chance to show you the ins and outs of the ancient historical city and its culturally valuable temples, one which is quite different from other cities in Southeast Asia.

You will also get a chance to greet and meet one of the Laotian tribes giving you some special moments to remember for a lifetime.

Why not some different experiences during the culture week? so we have a visit to bear conservation planned just for you!


• Breakfast
• Introduction meeting
• Briefing on Laotian Customs, rules and expectations, health and
• Tour around the compound and local area
• Lunch
• Language lesson
• Dinner
• Breakfast
• Visit the local village
• Get yourself busy in handcrafting
• Lunch
• Flower offering at the local temple
• Laotian cooking classes
• Barbeque Dinner at the accommodation
• Breakfast
• Explore the world heritage city including an ancient historical
• Visit the Laos local morning market
• Visit a beautiful forest temple
• Lunch
• Take a dip in the famous Kuang Si waterfall
• Visit bear Conservation
• Explore the hill tribe village
• Roam in the night market before heading back to the
• Dinner
• Breakfast
• Introduction and placement orientation
• Lunch
• Start working at the placement
• Dinner

• Breakfast
• Visit the placement
• Lunch
• Lesson planning for the next week
• Dinner

* This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions, and unforeseen circumstances.

Teaching English

Engage with the local village children by teaching English classes at local primary schools in ancient Laos!

Teach English to these bright-eyed children in an informal way through engaging activities and games, feel free to get creative!

Aside from teaching your students a new  language that can impact their future, you will also get to interact with the kids, who might end up teaching you something back!

This teaching program may take place at a variety of schools, although our primary teaching placement is a local public school in Luang Prabang where you get to teach English to children aged between 10 to 25 years old and, the classrooms are roughly 15 – 20 students per class with one teacher.

Many schools are open to new concepts and approaches to teaching. This means that you may be able to share your new ideas and teaching strategies that might complement teaching styles in Laos.

You may come up with a creative lesson plan yet in line with the syllabus to help the student improve their English as well as their general knowledge. You can use different tactics such as bringing up various topics and asking the kids to get involved in discussions to share their ideas related to the topic you select. That way you share a broader knowledge with the local children.

You will be teaching for around 3 – 4 hours per day and will have additional time to create your lesson plans, following the stipulated English Curriculum.

This is a hugely rewarding project and the students are eager to learn as much as they can from you and have a bit of fun in the process!


Monday to Friday
• Breakfast
• English classes
• Lunch
• English classes
• Free time to prepare for the next lessons
• Dinner

* This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions, and unforeseen circumstances.

Kindergarten Project

Help out at local kindergartens by teaching English and organizing fun activities for the children.

You’ll be working in one of the two kindergartens we help by teaching basic English to the children, organizing activities, and assisting the local staff. This is a great place to learn more about local Laos culture and at the same time give something back to the local community.

The project helps provide quality English language classes to young children. Without volunteers at the kindergarten, it would be difficult for these children to obtain quality English language lessons in this area.

In this project, you will get to feed, play with the children, organize activities, and at times, help the staff with cleaning chores. You are playing a great role in this program as you work with the children who are very young and not exposed to the elders much.

Your kindness and gentleness towards the kids will make it easier for them to adopt and feel confident in communicating with the elders. They are shy and playful at the same time which will be challenging for you in the beginning but we are sure it will be a lovely experience working with the kids who adore you and give you unforgettable memories in your life!


Monday to Friday
● Breakfast
● Teaching
● Feeding
● Sleeping time for the children/lunch time for you!
● Feeding time
● Activities and playing games
● Dinner at the accommodation

* This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions, and unforeseen circumstances.

Construction & Renovation

Get your hands dirty by constructing and renovating temples, schools, and more in one of the ancient locations in Laos.

A program designed for those who don’t mind getting a bit sweaty and their hands dirty!

You’ll spend your time working in construction and renovation wherever it’s needed at the time. Most of the community places and the buildings in this ancient city require a great deal of improvement allowing you to play a special role in the community.

To improve the hygiene in local schools and kindergartens, you will support the team with rebuilding and renovating the bathrooms in the schools and kindergartens. You will directly help the community by making it a pleasant and healthy environment for the kids to study.

This program improves especially the infrastructure in the local community, by renovating and rebuilding. You will be asked to involve in different types of renovation options ranging from painting and renovating school and temple walls, and repairing furniture such as chairs and tables to improve the roads to the local schools, kindergartens, and community places, which will be available at the time of your arrival.

It is fun to work with locals to achieve a common goal and you will learn a lot of things about Laotians and their hard work contributing to keeping the community and the environment clean with your support of course!


Monday to Friday
• Breakfast
• Working in the placements
• Lunch
• Working in the placements
• Dinner

* This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.


2 weken: 799 euro
3 weken: 999 euro
4 weken: 1199 euro
+1 Week: 199 Euro

* Voor de Cultuurweek en Bouwproject geldt een toeslag van 70 Euro per week

Wat is inbegrepen:
Accommodatie (gedeelde kamer)
24/7 ondersteuning in het land
Programmaoriëntatie in het land
Ondersteuning vóór vertrek
Ophaalservice vanaf de luchthaven

Niet inbegrepen:
Er wordt 5% internationale bankkosten in rekening gebracht.
Visum, vluchten, reisverzekering, vaccinaties, criminele antecedentenonderzoek, Covid-tests (indien nodig), dagelijks vervoer naar uw project en terug naar de accommodatie, en terugreis naar de luchthaven.

Vereisten om mee te doen:
Vrijwilligers moeten minimaal 18 jaar oud zijn
Vrijwilligers zijn verplicht om een criminele antecedentenonderzoek te doen
Vrijwilligers zijn verplicht om een vrijwilligersreisverzekering te hebben
Het kan zijn dat vrijwilligers voor vertrek een Covid-test moeten laten doen (we zullen u hiervan op de hoogte stellen)